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Discover the best and most beautiful from the Czech Republic and Central Europe: exquisite design, inspirational stories, unknown interiors and amazing, hidden locations well worth visiting. ... více
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Welcome to Soffa - a European bi-monthly design and lifestyle magazine based in Prague! Soffa is a magazine rooted in our collective passion for design, beautiful interiors, creative people, travel, craft, food and science. Each issue of Soffa is filled with original content comprising stylish homes, interesting travel destinations, new DIY ideas, best recipes as well as profiles on products and people. Based in Prague, Czech Republic, Soffa is mainly focused on the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The stylish minimalist look of the magazine appeals to young audiences seeking inspiration in the fields of photography, art and design.

Each issue is dedicated to a specific theme and all 160 pages of the magazine are printed on a beautiful high quality PlanoArt paper.

The first Soffa issue was published online in December 2013, with the first printed issue following in February 2015. Since April 2017 a printed version of Soffa is available in both English and Czech version.

The terms of sale for annual subscriptions and information about the privacy policy of Soffa can be found at. The terms and conditions of sale for the subscription service provider can be found at


6 issues for the price of 5 + a Fletirino baret or a traditional Triton knit cap by Tonak

Order your Soffa subscription by 13 Feb 2019 and receive as a gift a Fletirino baret or a traditional Triton knit cap by Tonak.

Offer valid if payment received between 15.12.2018 and 13.2. 2019 and while supplies last.

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30/2018 13.12.2018 aktuální číslo
31/2019 21.2.2019

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